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Abstract ot-snippet

logo - ot-snippet

ot-snippet manages and offers parameterized multiline text blocks (snippets) with common IRC clients like HexChat, weechat, ...

As using the main features of ot-snippet only requires bash to run it, its usable with gui or plain textmode IRC clients likewise.

Some non-essential and more rarely used features require a desktop environment to show additional windows for extra output or snippet selection.

To edit, delete or add snippets any regular text editor is sufficient.

You don't need any specific programming knowledge to use ot-snippet, although knowing some bash basics will help.

IRC client integration

IRC clients only need to support the /exec command to forward calls to ot-snippet ; where one will typically define a user command (alias) to ease the actual usage.

In combination with a user command (in the examples used here: /s ) frequently required texts can be output with a short command at IRC. To output a general welcome text at IRC its enough to type /s hi to get the following output:

/s hi
Welcome to the official linuxmint support channel - if you need support: describe your issue + used mint version: 19.x, 20.x, lmde4 ? + desktop environment: cinnamon, mate, xfce ?; stay connected afterwards == people need some time to answer...
Use /join #linuxmint-chat for general/non-support chat ... - many people are there too

A snippet may return several lines of output which helps to seperate different topics with one snippet, like placing shared commands at a new line to avoid confusion.

Snippets will often contain parameter tags, which will get replaced by additional given parameters, which allows one to feed in extra information like a nickname to address another user:

/s ask guest7235

... will be expanded to:

guest7235> If you need support - describe your issue, giving some (more) details + version used: mint 19.x,20.x, lmde4 ? + DE: cinnamon, mate, xfce? - if anybody has an answer she/he will reply.
guest7235> Stay connected afterwards ==  people need some time to answer....

Although ot-snippet comes with a selection of predefind snippets, its meant to define your own snippets in the long run.

general usage


structure ot-snippet script V002
script sectionsscript sections and their usage
support filesother custom files: log and nick file
common helper functionsmerging arguments, building query strings
stream input to arglistswapping call params with input, variable usage
stream timeout, errorstimeout on reading stdin and override
filterssuppress warnings using predefined options
param mode - side effectsside effects using parameter mode
suppress log entriesknown issues and workarounds
hexchat 2.16.xwaiting for hexchat 2.16.x

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